Dog Training

Since 1975, over 25,000 dogs representing a wide variety of breeds and temperaments have been trained through classes and private lessons at Double-C. Using positive step-by-step techniques, dogs and first time trainers learn quickly and make huge process in a short time period.  If there is a behavior challenge with your dog, you’ll find a simple solution at Double-C Dog Training!  Through group classes you gain control and learn positive leadership skills that will improve communication between you and your dog. Through private lessons, you receive one-on-one personalized instruction.  Let the dog training experts at Double-C share their knowledge and love of dogs with you. Plan to attend a fun dog training classes and gain control of your furry friend!  In three weeks, you’ll have a dog with good manners that walks at your side, stays, and comes eagerly when called. Through training, your dog  becomes a true companion and a pleasure to be around.  Join us for dog training!  It’s FUN for you and  your dog! 


Please Call for Class Dates and Times

541-882-K9K9 (5959)

All Classes are 3 Weeks  –  Once A Week for One Hour
Puppy Kindergarten  Puppies 8 Weeks to 16 Weeks  $ 74.00
Super Puppy  Puppy Kindergarten Graduates $ 74.00
Beginning  Dogs 4 Months & Older $ 74.00
Intermediate  Off Leash Control For Beginning Graduates $74.00
K-9 College  Intermediate Graduates – Advanced Education $74.00

Training Packages 

Each 3 Week Class   One Three Week Class  $ 74.00
Annual Membership  Participate in  ANY Obedience Class with the same dog for 12 months $200.00
6 Week Package  Puppy Class & Beginning Class    “OR”   Beginning Class  & Intermediate $ 120.00
9 Week Package  Puppy Class, Beginning Class & Intermediate $170.00

 Private Lessons

Private Lesson  45 Minute Private Lesson  $45.00
Block of 3 Lessons 3 – 45 Minute Lessons $120.00
Special Rate  Enrolled in Class or Boarding School $ 25.00