“Grr-reat” Grooming

Dog Grooming at Double-C . . Big and Small . . We Groom Them All!

Simply the best team of professional dog groomers can be found at Double-C!   The groomers at Double-C are gentle, kind, positive, caring, calm and skilled.

All Double-C groomers take great pride in their work. Their positive personalities, dedication to quality grooming and love for the dogs, make them an outstanding team. They form attachments and relationships with each of their K-9 guests. Many dogs return every 4 to 8 weeks for regular appointments. 

Dogs LOVE Double-C!

The grooming department has the latest professional grooming tools and products. With the comfort and safety of our grooming guests a priority, Double-C has spacious exercise yards and climate controlled guest rooms with raised beds,  hydraulic grooming tables, plus a full line of quality products.

Because the groomers do take extra time with each dog, it’s a gentle, relaxing, individual process that every dog enjoys.

Starting at 7:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday, each groomer checks in their K-9 guests for a hair cut, or a bath brush appointment. After getting detailed instructions from the owner, the guest is taken outside for some exercise and drink of water. For some there is pre-bath work to do like removing excess coat for hair cuts and brushing out undercoat for the bath and brush dogs. Then off to the tub where the groomer gently expresses the anal glans and gives two warm water bubble baths with the therapeutic hydro-surge bathing system.  After the bath and a warm water cream rinse, the nails are trimmed, the coat is towel dried and fluffed with the high speed K-9 Blower. It’s now time for a nap in the comfort of one the professional canine hair dyers. Each of the guests enjoy this relaxing individual attention. When drying is complete, dogs go out for another potty break, and a drink of water. They conclude their day in the groom room with finishing touches. They are then ready to go home with a fresh new look that includes a colorful scarf and/or a bow. 

Treat your K-9 Friend to a relaxing day of grooming at Double-C!  Call TODAY to schedule an appointment:  541-882-K9K9