Double-C has everything for your Very Important Pets! Double C World Class Pet Resort

Kitty Condos


Double-C “World Class Pet Resort” has 40 spacious kitty guest condos with a hide out box and cat litter box. Pet Care is Charged Per Calendar Day. Pet Care Include Kitty Guest Condo, Hide Out Box, Cat Litter Box, Bay Window Time, NutriSource Pet Food and Extra TLC!


Kitty Condos
Kitty Condo  1 Guest $15.75
Second Guest  Townhouse is Opened $ 8.75
Townhouse  = 2 Condo Rate up to 3 Cats $ 19.75
Fourth Kitty  Max 4 Per Townhouse $6.75
Kitty “Daycare”  Spend The Day $ 12.75
K-9 Guest Services
Recess Extra time in Bay Window $ 2.75
Playtime Some “Purrring” Time w/ Person $ 3.75
Medication “Per Dose Given” $ 1.50
   Shots – “Per Dose Given” $ 3.50